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Saturday, November 23, 2013

List of Kongu Vellala Gounder

Notice : Please contribute to the list by putting comments of prominent kvg missed on this list.

King,Chieftains,Generals(many more need to be listed .. All we have Proof Govt)

  • Velir dynasty
  • Chera Dynasty
  • Chola dynasty
  • Kongu Cholan Dyanasty
  • Kongu Pandian Dyanasty
  • Western Ganga Dynasty
  • Eastern Ganga dynasty
  • Ay kingdom
  • kadava dyanasty
  • Military General of Pallava Country & Pallava Dyanasty(2nd most Powerful clan after Pallava Royals Family members)
  • Korrantai Ilavan-chera Chieftain of 2nd CE The earliest reference to generations of Chera kings are found in the Kongu Country at Pugalur (Arnattar-malai ) in that same Inscription Korrantai Ilavan also mentioned .[1]
  • UTHAYENDRA SIMMAN/Udayachandran(708 A.D - 790 A.D)-from Poosan Clan principal Military General clan of pallava. He was Commander in Chief of Nandivarman II(Pallavamalla) (720–796 CE).He had won many battle for can find his statue still at kanchipuram Vaikunda perumal kovil.[1][2][3]
  • Kulashekhara Alwar(800-820 AD) - one of the twelve azhwar saints.was the founder and King of the Later Chera Kingdom (Mahodayapuram Kulasekharas) from 800 AD until his departure from public life, a devotional Vaishnavism poet and one of the 12 celebrated Alwars.
  • Kongu Velir-Translated the Brhatkatha in Sanskrit into Tamil as Perungathai (one of the aiynkurun kappiyams or the five smaller epics)(9th cent Vijayamangalam).who was not only a poet but also a Prince and Patron of Poets
  • Cheraman Perumal - a Saivite nayanmar, ruled from Karur.
  • Achyuta Rayan- medival kongu king. Venadudayar
  • Kokkanadan Viranarayanan-medival kongu king.
  • Nanjarayan-medival kongu king.
  • Vira Vallalan-medival kongu king.
  • Kalingarayan: Born Lingaya Gounder (1240 A.D.), "the slayer of the Kalinga King's head in the battlefield" in the epic battle between Kalingas and Cholas. A Pandyan ruler, Veerapandian, made a Kongu chieftain named "Kalingarayar" his Prime minister. During this period, the famous Kalingarayan Canal was constructed by this visionary. It still continues to irrigate the fertile lands in the Kongu region.
  • Diwan Bahadur Agathur Muthuramaswami Kalingarayar
  • Gatti Dynasty
  • Vakkapakai mannan Varapathiyatkondan - patron of Villiputhoorar (ref: kongar kula vatrapathiyatkondan - Villibharatham- Sirappurpayiram verse 18 line 2 and various other references)
  • Pattakkarar-36 titled royal families of the Kongu region, known as the Pattakarars.
  • Mummudi Pattakkarar-Chieftains
  • Venadudayar-Chieftains(The ruler of Ratnagiri and Sivalayam had the title "Arthanari Venadudayars" (அர்த்தனாரி வேணுடுடையார்) and he was also the Prime Minister of the CholaKing Kulothunga Chola I.,Chetti Venadudayars which was bestowed after they were asked to bring their feudatories Chettinad back under the original Chola King, who then proceeded to make Chettis subjects of Venadudayars and granted the rights of tax collection and annual tributes to the Venadudayars. They usually carry a Regal staff and their word is taken as the final authority.)
  • Mandradiar-Chieftains
  • Nannavudaiyar-Chieftains
  • Ulagudaiyar-Chieftains
  • Nallakumarar-Chieftains
  • Kangayar-Chieftains
  • Gāṅgeyas-powerful Tamil chieftains
  • Todaiman-Chieftains
  • Mummudi Mandradiar-Chieftains
  • Deva Mandradiar-Chieftains
  • Kolu Senai Mandradiar- Chieftains
  • Achyuta Thondaiman-Chieftains
  • Kadavarayar-Chieftains
  • Kalingarayar-Chieftains
  • Vanavarayar-Bana dyanasty
  • Pallavarayar- Chieftains("the slayer of the Pallava King's head in the battlefield", referring to the beheading of the Pallava King in the battle between Pallavas and Cholas.)
  • Kaccirayar- Chieftains
  • Vanchirayar- Chieftains
  • Magadarājan- Chieftains
  • Chedirāyan- Chieftains
  • Nishadharājan -Chieftains
  • Kāliṅga rājan -Chieftains
  • Ayodhi-rājan- Chieftains
  • Vaisāli Peraraiyan-Chieftains
  • Chittirameli Periyanattar's -  medieval period chiefs 
  • *Sekkizhar - Compiler of the Saivite cannon Periyapuranam. Referred as Gangakulodhbhava.
  • *Thiruvennai Nallur Sadayappa Vallal -chieftain. Kamban wrote the epic Kamba Ramayanam with his patronage. As a mark of respect for his patron, Kambanrefers his name once in every 1000 verses.
  • *Vakkapakai mannan Varapathiyatkondan - patron of Villiputhoorar (ref: kongar kula vatrapathiyatkondan -
  • Villibharatham- Sirappurpayiram verse 18 line 2 and various other references)Sekkizhar - minister of Kulottunga who compiled 'Periyapuranam', a treatise on Saivite saints.(There is a graphic description of his life and how he came to write this magnum opus is narrated in a 14th cent Tamil work Thiruttoṇḍar-purāṇa-varalāru. Sekkiḻār who belongs to an agriculturist family of Veḷḷaḷar, rose to be the Chief-minister to the Choḻa emperor Kulottuṅga II.
    The work ascribed to Umāpati Śivam of 14th cent gives two significant titles of Sekkiḻār.He is called "Gaṅgā-kula-tilaka" (verse -59) and "Bhāgīrati-kula-Tilaka")

    Thiruvennai Nallur Sadayappa Vallal - (patron of Kambar) referred as Pannai kulathu Kongar kon in Ramavatharam (Kamba Ramayanam)(ref:''pannai vennai sadaya'' kambaramayanam verse 636 line 7)
  • Freedom fighters and leaders(many more to be written)

    • Dheeran Chinamalai, revolutionist
    • Appachi Gounder - coordinated the nationalist operation between the Marathas under Thoondhaji Bagh, the southern leaders like Maruthu brothers and Kattabomman
    • Periyanna Venadudayar: the former District Board Chairman of the Coimbatore Zilla during British times and the most popular Kongu Chieftain in recent history who successfully ran a parallel independent government in the Kongu Nadu without any outside support during his lifetime against the colonial British rule in India.
    • Ennamangalam K. Ramasami Gounder -Freedom Fighter from the young age of 14 and participated in the famous Satyagraha Movement
    • V.C. Vellingiri Gounder,A prohibitionist par excellence Architects of Coimbatore [2]
    • Thupakki Gounder - revolutionist , Sivagangai.
    • Srimathi.THIYAGI VEERAPANDI.S.N.SUNDRAMBAL,a well known freedom fighter - Gandhiji’s Close Associate and later Women's Wing Leader of Ulzavar Ulaipaalar Katchi [3]

      Politics(EVER ELECTION atleast 70% of MLA AND MP from our caste in Kongu Nadu(10 district) many more need to listed)"Rajaji was the Cm, he is said to have told people that he has three Gounder ministers just because Gounders are honest and committed."

      • P. Subbarayan - Premier of Madras Presidency (1926–1930), also served in the Cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru
      • C. Subramaniam - Father of the Indian Green Revolution, Former Union Minister, Deputy chairperson of the Planning Commission, Governor of Maharastra.Bharat Ratna (the nation's highest civilian honour) in 1998.
      • T.M. Kaliyannan Gounder - Tiruchengode, Former MP (member of Constituent Assembly),surviving member of the Provisional Parliament [4]
      • K. S. Ramaswamy Gounder - Former Union Minister in the Cabinet of Indira Gandhi.
      • Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan - Ex Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
      • Mohan Kumaramangalam - Former Minister of Iron and Steel Mines
      • Rangarajan Kumaramangalam - lawyer, former Union Minister and Congress/BJP leader
      • K. N. Palanisamy Gounder, former member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu, called the "Father of Tirupur city".
      • KonganapuramK. S. Subramania Gounder-Popularly known as Mani Gounder & Selathu Gandhi, former MLA (1952-1957) Sankagiri & Omalur Constituency. District Board Chairman, combined Salem & Dharmapuri Districts. Father of Co-operative movement in Tamil Nadu, founder Palakodu and Mohanur Co-operative sugar mills.
      • M. Thambi Durai- Former Central Cabinet Minister & Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.
      • Dato Subramaniam Sinniah-Former MIC Deputy President(Malaysia).
      • M. Kannappan-Former Federal Minister of State, Treasurer of MDMK.
      • K. Subbarayan-CPI 's state leader and great orator.
      • C. P. Radhakrishnan- Former union minister and MP(Coimbatore),former Tamil Nadu BJP leader.
      • A. Senapathi Gounder-He was elected to the Palani Parliament constituency as a member of the Indian National Congress party in 1980, 1984, 1989 and 1991, his last term ending with his death.He was the candidate from Dharapuram constituency in 1952 and 1957 elections; candidate from Oddanchatram constituency in 1962 election; candidate fromKangayam constituency in 1967 election.
      • Kovai Chezhiyan-EX MLA, Kongu Politician and one of the Founder of Kongu Vellala Goundergal Peravai.
      • Ramasamy Palanisamy-Deputy CM of Penag state,Malaysia.
      • Parvathi Krishnan-is an Indian politician from the Communist Party of India.
      • Lalitha Kumaramangalam - member of national executive of Bharatiya Janata Party.She was earlier national secretary of the part
      • N. Nallasenapathi Sarkarai Manrdadiar - 1962 TN cabinet minister.
      • Rajkumar Mandradiar   - Former MLA from Kangeyam
      • P. Subbarayan -Premier of Madras Presidency (1926 - 1930), served in the cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru. 

        C. Subramaniam(1910 - 2000) - Former Union Minister, Deputy chairperson of the planning commission,
        Bharat Ratna Awardee(1998) and father of the Indian Green Revolution.

        Mohan Kumaramangalam - Eminent lawyer, former Union Minister in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet and Communist leader.

        Konganapuram K. S. Subramaniya Gounder -
        Popularly known as Mani Gounder & Selathu Gandhi, former MLA (1952-1957) Sankagiri & Omalur Constituency.
        District Board Chariman, combined Salem & Dharmapuri Districts
        Father of Co-operative movement in Tamil Nadu,
        founder Palakodu and Mohanur o-operative sugar mills.

        Kallipatti Kothandarama Gounder - popularly known as Kovai Kamban. Former MLC and T.N.Palayan union chairman.

        A. K. Kaliappa Gounder- Ex.MLA and union Chairman. Popularly known as Pathi Villas Gounder.

        Rangarajan Kumaramangalam - Eminent lawyer, former Union Minister and Congress/BJP leader.

        K.M.Ramasami gounder - Ex.MLC & MLA of Gobi. Great Educationist

        T.M. Kaliyannan Gounder - Former MP (member of Constituent Assembly), Ex MLA,Ex MLC, Former Vice President of TNCC.

        N.K.K. Periasamy - Former Provincial Minister for Pollution Control and Textiles, currently serving as State secretary for DMK Farmers union.

        Kovai Chezian - Prominent politician.

        NKKP. Raaja - Minister of Handlooms, Erode Constituency MLA.

        C.P.Radhakrishnan - Former union minister and MP(Coimbatore), Tamilnadu BJP leader.

        Thambidurai -Former MP & Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

        C.Chinnasamy - Former MP(Gobichettipalayam)

        K N Palanisamy Gounder - (KNP) Service oriented Leader of Congress Party,Ex MLA, Chairman of Tirupur

        M. Kannappan - Treasurer of MDMK.

        Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan - Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

        C Ponnaian - Minister in the MGR and successive ADMK governments

        Pongalur N. Palanisamy - Minister for Rural Industries (Tamilnadu).

        K. Subbarayan - CPI 's state leader and great orator.

        S. Muthusamy - Former Minister of Tamilnadu

        K. A. Sengottaiyan - Former Minister of Tamilnadu

        Muthur Saminathan - Won three times in legislative assembly elections in Tamilnadu and became state highway minister.

        C. K. Kuppusamy - Member of Parliament from Coimbatore Constituency for three terms and Mass leader.

        Durai Ramasamy - Former Minister, represented Vellakovil legislative constituency for five consecutive times.

        Mullai Vendhan - (Morapur) Former Minister in the state Cabinet.

        Dato Subramaniam -Former MIC Deputy President(Malaysia).

        K. S. Ramasamy Gounder - of Koogalur - Ex Central Minister.

        M. Cinnusamy Gounder ,(Karur) - Ex.Industrial Minister, Ex.M.P , Ex.MLA.(AIADMK).

        K. Vadivel Gounder,(Karur) - Ex.MLA (AIADMK).

        V. Senthil Balaji ,(Karur)- MLA.,(AIADMK).

        Vasuki Murugesan ,(Karur) - Ex.MLA (DMK).

        R. Devarajan - Leader - Kongu Nadu Makkal Katchi.

        Su. Duraisamy - Labour leader.

        M. SelviMurugesan - Ex MLA (AIADMK) of Tamil nadu (2001-2006).

        P. C. Ramasamy - Former Minister for Hindu religious rights and Charitable endowments, Tamilnadu.

        C. Sivasamy - Ex.MLA - Tirupur.

        S. K. Kaarventhan,BL - Congress MP-Bar Council Member, Dharapuram.

        E. M. Natarajan, M.A.,BL - Ex MLA (DMK) - Anthiyur, Tamilnadu (1968-78).

        G.K.S. Selvakumar - BJP, Coimbatore.

        M.V Rathinam - EX MLA, Pollachi.

        Rajkumar Mandradiyar - EX MLA, Kangayam.

        Senapathy Gounder - Kuttapalayam, Kangeyam. Five time M.P from Palani till his death in 1992. M.L.A of Kangeyam, Perundurai, Pongalur and Ottanchatiram.

        Kuttappalayam misa K.N. Saminathan - Ex-MLA, Vellakovil, Erode Dist, (1967-1972).

        K.P.Ramalingam - Ex.MP,Tiruchengode,Present agricultural secretary of tamilnadu *Ramasamy - Present Rasipuram MLA.
      • Mr Mohan Kandasamy former TMC MLA

        P.R.Sundaram - Ex MLA, Rasipuram.
      • Mr. K.P Ramaswamy, Ex MLA of Rasipuram Constituency
            T.N.Theerthagiri Gounder -  EX MP,MLA Harur(Dharmapuri) 
      • Kuppusamy   - EX MLA AIADMK Morappur(Dharmapuri)
      •  Muthu Gounder -- Ex MP,DMK
      Thogarapalli Krishnamurthy Gounder (MLA, Mittadhar, District Board Chairman, Composite Salem District, Chairman, LLA of Composite Salem District), Kallavi Doraisamy Gounder (MLA), C.K.Chinnaraju Gounder (MLA), Ambalur Karia Gounder (MLA), Alasandapuram Anumandaraya Gounder (MLA), Mullai Vadivel Gounder (MLA), C.Gnanasekaran (MLA), M.Thambidurai (Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha), Mullai Vendhan (MLA)
      • Many Many need to be listed
           4 Gounder Party's or more{best Ramaswamy,Eswaran,Thanniyarasu,Yuvaraj,Nagaraj etc...}

  •         S. Damodaran-EX Minister for Agriculture of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  •         K. V. Ramalingam-EX Minister for Public Works, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • V. Senthil Balaji- Ex Minister for Transport of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • P. Thangamani-Ex Minister for Industries of the Government of Tamil Nadu and former Revenue minister.
  • P. Palaniappan-Ex  Minister for Higher Education,Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • M. S. M. Anandan-Ex Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments,Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • N. D. Venkatachalam is an Indian politician and incumbent member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from the Perundurai constituency. He is Exthe Minister for Revenue,  Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
  • C. Shanmugavelu – former Industries minister -AIADMK Government of Tamil Nadu for (2011).
  • Present Ministers of state and central ,ADMK -2016 MLA count belongs to kongu vellala Gounder caste is 28/135 , 7/39 lok sabha MP belongs to KVG , on 2016 DMK MLA belongs to KVG 17/98

      • Edappadi K. Palaniswami (born 2 March 1954) is an Indian politician who is the 13th[2] and current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, having assumed the office on 16 February, 2017.  
      • K. A. Sengottaiyan-currently the Minister for School Education and Sports and Youth Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.former I.T and Agriculture minister. 8 times MLA
      • P. Thangamani-currently the Minister for Electricity, Prohibition and Exciseof the Government of Tamil Nadu .
      • S. P. Velumani-Minister for Municipal Administration, Rural Development and Implementation of the Government of Tamil Nadu .
      • K.C. Karuppannan(MLA, Bhavani) - Environment 2017
      • M.R. Vijayabhaskar(MLA, Karur) - Transport 2017.
      • []
      •  M. Thambi Durai- Former Central Cabinet Minister & Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.{karur MP}, Leader of Third Largest Party in Parliment.
      • Current Karur,Coimbatore,Pollachi,Krishnagiri,Nammakal,Tiruppur,Erode MP's of Lok Sabha {2014-2019} belongs to KVG community

        Armed and civil services(many more need to be listed)

        • General Paramasiva Prabhakar Kumaramangalam (1913–2000), seventh Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army (June 7, 1966–June 7, 1969).,Awarded Padma Vibushan in 1970.
        • D. R. Karthikeyan IPS, former Bangalore City Commissioner of Police and director of the Central Bureau of Investigation,Awarded Padma Shri in 2010
        • Dhanushyakodi Sivanandan IPS-Police Commissioner of Mumbai, promoted as part of the aftermath of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks
        • Hon'ble Mr.Cheif Justice P. Sathasivam -Chief Justice of India & Sitting Hon'ble cheif Justice of supreme court of india.[10]
        • Palanisamy Sathasivam (born 27 April 1949) is the Chief Justice of India. He succeeded Altamas Kabir on 19 July 2013.[1] He is the 40th Chief Justice of India and the second from Tamil Nadu.[2]
        • Justice P S Kailasam-former judge of the Supreme Court and former Chief Justice of the Madras High Court [11]
        • Justice K.Ramaswami - First High Court judge from the Gounder community. He hails from Monjanur village.
        • Hon'ble Thiru. Justice M.Jaichandren - current High Court judge
        • Hon'ble Thiru Justice M.M.Sundresh -Current High Court Judge
        • Justice Thiru.S.Sivasubramniayam - former High Court Judge
        • E. C. Sakthi Chandrasekharan - B.E.M.S.E. (Princeton)- former Chief engineer of National Highways, Tamil Nadu.
        • S. G. Sengodayan - first nonbrahmin ICS
        • Nalla Govindasway - former Superindent of Police, Tamil Nadu who received President's medal and Best Citizen award for his services.
        • P. Raja Goundan - General Manager ICF
        • Late Palanisamy Gounder - Former Principal of Madras Law college, Former Director of Legal Studies, and Former TNPSC Board member.
        • M. Thirumalaisamy, I.A.S - former TNPSC member; native of Dharapuram.
        • K. Sellamuthu, I.A.S - former Coimbatore Collector, presently Joint Secretary to the government; native of Dharmapuri district.
        • K. Natarajan, I.P.S - DGP Vigilance, former Commissioner of Police of Greater Chennai, former A.D.G.P Law & Order-Tamil Nadu, former A.D.G.P *Intelligence -Tamil Nadu. Nephew of M. Thirumalaisamy, I.A.S. Native of Dharapuram.
        • S.Surya Prakash MSc MPhil, MBA, HDCM, Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Government of Tamil Nadu
        • Kamini Natarajan, I.P.S - Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, North Chennai
        • R.Sivakumar, I.A.S - Director, Directorate of Technical Education - Former District Collector of Vellore Dt.
        • V.C.Perumal, IPS, ADGP Retd
        • Chidambarasamy, IPS, IG of Police
        • M.RAvi, IPS, Joint Commissioner, Chennai
        • Nallasivam, IPS, Joint Commissioner, Chennai
        • Pari, IPS
        • Sakthivel, IPS
        • Vijayakumar, IAS, Addl Secretary, Chennai
        • Shanmugam, IAS, Secretary, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
        • Dhananjayan, IAS, Retired
        • Senthil Kumar, IAS, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
        • Karnataka cadre IPS V Ponnuraj IAS
        • Dr.R.Siva Kumar ..I.P.S (Kolkata)
        • Dr.NALLA G. PALANISWAMI, Chairperson, Kovai
        • Mr.k.s.rangasamy gounder .founder of ksr institutions in thiruchengode
    • Business(many  more need to be listed(lot of business firm need to listed))

      The Gounders are an influential community in Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Karur, Namakkal, Erode, Tiruppur, Salem, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Dindigul districts. A good section of the community is highly educated, many from the US and UK. Most of them are third-generation businessmen and put together, they generate roughly Rs 40,000 crore of export revenue annually. Through sheer hard work, its members have attained international recognition. They figure among the global leaders in several sectors including grey cotton, home textiles, hosiery, industrial and automobile components, heavy vehicles and even turmeric and eggs.

      • K. P. Nachimuthu Gounder
      • PollachiN. Mahalingam - Chairman, Sakthi Group of Companies. Awarded the Padma Bhushan for 2006.
      • Padma Shri Arumugam Sakthivel - President Tirupur Exporters Association(TEA) and Chairman of Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) in India.owner of Poppys group of companies,Presently serving as the Director of Industrial Development Bank of India and a member of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Council, the visionary industrialist has led Tirupur to become one of the fastest growing hub of manufacturing and export of knitwear in the world. [6]
      • Palani G. Periyasamy, industrialist, economist, educationalist
      • Dr. Veerappan Subramanian - Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Novel Laboratories, Inc. Former CEO of Kali Labs, USA.

      • M.Ramaswamy - Raasi seeds , one of the top 10 bio tech companies in india.

        B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar - Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore. Industrialist.

        Chinnu Senthilkumar - Director, SanDisk Corporation, India Operations. Received "Young Scientist" award from President of India in 1991. Holds several Patents in Semiconductor Chip design. Well known figure in Semiconductor Industry.

        R. Veeramani - Chairman of Gem Granites Group.

        P. C. Duraisamy & Santhi Duraisamy - Owners of Sakthi Masala, Erode.
        S. V. Balasubramaniam - Well known as S.V.B, Bannariamman groups, Bannari Amman Engineering College.

        P.G. Periasamy - Founder and CEO PGP Groups, CMD of Dharani Sugars,Hotel Le Royal Meridian.

        S. K. Maeilanandan - S.K.M. Cattle feeds.

        K.Ramasamy - Chairman of ROOTS Industries Ltd., Automobile Masters degree holder from Lincoln Tech Institute, USA.

        P.Duraisamy - Owner of Sakthi Masala, Erode.

        Shanthi Gears, Coimbatore.

        K. Ettikannan - CTB Enterprises.

        K. K. Velusamy - Deccan Pumps.

        Miller Ramasamy - A pioneer, who started the first hosiery industries in Tirupur.

        K.P. Natarajan - Owner and founder of K.P.N travels.

        Gopal Shivaram - Classic Polo Groups.

        P.S.Velusamy Gounder - CMD of Sri Shanmugavel Mills Group , Dindigul.

        S.Susindran - Chief Founder of Sabare International Ltd. Karur.

        Eastman Palanisamy - Pioneer of Knitwear Processing Industry in India.
      •  Thiru. M. MURUGESAN of NSIT & MGM Group
      • Raasi Seeds Mr. M. Ramaswamy
      Thiru.T.S.R.Khannaiyann.(Hindusthan Group coimbatore) ,
    • Mr.B.Prabhakaran & Mr.B.Karthikeyan (Thriveni earth movers) ,
    • Best Ramasamy (Best Corporation) ,
    • Mr.kanagasapabathy and C Devarajan (URC construction Pvt Ltd) ,
    • Mr. K.Chandramohan (Namakkal Transport carriers PVT Ltd) ,
    • VS Muthusamy ,VS Palanisamy,GM Palanisamy (Pallava Group) ,
    • Padma Shri A Shaktivel (Poppys Knitwear Pvt Ltd & Poppys Hotel),
    • Mr. N. Chandran (Eastman Exports)
    • Mr. K.R. Nagarajan (Ramraj Cotton)
    • Viking International,Tirupur N. K. Chinnusamy - President, Excel Gears, Inc. Rockford, Illinois, USA K.M.Senthilkumar - Sabol mineral waters&soda,Professional couriers, Coimbatore.
    • Asokan Muthusamy - Ambal Auto,Coimbatore.
    • Babu - Rasi Seeds,Attur,NO.1 seed exporter in India. R.P. SELVASUNDARAM(RPP group,Erode)
    • Thiru.K.Paramasivam (Maharaja Group) AGNI Steels ,Erode
    • Eastman Palanisamy - Pioneer of Knitwear Processing Industry in India.
    • C R Anandakrishnan , Executive Director ,KPR congolormerate,coimbatore
    • P Nataraj , Managing Director ,KPR congolormerate,coimbatore
    • K P D Sigamani , Managing Director ,KPR congolormerate,coimbatore
    • K P Ramasamy , Chairman ,KPR congolormerate,coimbatore
    • Literature(many more need to be listed)

      • M.P. Periasamy Thooran: Musician, Chief Editor, Tamil Encyclopaedia (1948–1978), Padma Bhushan (1968).
      • V. C. Kulandaiswamy-Academician and renowned author. Padma Shri(1992), Padma Bhushan (2002). Formerly Vice Chancellor of Madurai University, Anna University, IGNOU and Tamil Virtual University.
      • Sirpi Balasubramaniam-winner of two Sahithya Academy awards, Former Professor and Head of Tamil Department, Bharathiar University.
      • Silamboli S. Chellappan, Recipient of several awards including Kalaimamani award for his contribution to Tamil literature, member of the Central Institute of Classical Tamil.[7][8][9]
      • .
        *R. Shanmugasundaram - Tamil writer of the Manikkodi group. His novels revolve around the farming community.
        *Soundara Kailasam - Activist and poet
        *Sakthikanal - Writer
        *L. S. Kandasamy - Started the Thannambikkai magazine and has written several books on self improvement.
        *C. Subramaniam - Vice-Chancellor of the Tamil University, Thanjavur.
      • Academicians(many more need to be listed)

        • G. Ramaswamy-president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for the year 2011-12
        • Mr.R. M. Vasagam-Project Director for APPLE, India's first experimental Geostationary Communication Satellite Project during 1977-83. Vice-Chancellor of Dr. M.G.R. Deemed University, formerly Vice- Chancellor of Anna University. Padma Shri Award 1982.
        • Mr.K. R. Palaniswamy-former president of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology. Awarded the Padma Shri for 2006.
        • Mr.Chinnu Senthilkumar- Chief Operating Officer in Azure Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Previously CEO for SanDisk Corporation's Indian operations. He received the "National Technology Award" award from the President of India in 1991.
        • P. A. Venkatachalam-He won many International awards and recognition.
        • DR. V.S. NATARAJAN-India's first professor in Geriatric Medicine, who was awarded the Padma Shri year 2012 [13],Government of Tamil Nadu honoured him "Best Social Worker" Award on the "World Elders Day" celebration on 08-10-2007.
        • V. C. Kulandaiswamy - Academician and renowned author. Formerly Vice Chancellor of Madurai University, Anna University, IGNOU and Tamil.
          Virtual University. Padma Shri(1992), Padma Bhushan (2002).

          P. A. Venkatachalam - Founder and Professor, Department of Computer Science/School of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering,
          Guindy, Anna University [1973-1988].

          R. M. Vasagam - Project Director for APPLE.
          India's first experimental Geostationary Communication Satellite Project during 1977-83. 
          Vice- Chancellor of Dr.M.G.R. Deemed University, formerly Vice- Chancellor of Anna University. Padma Shri (1982).

          P. K. Ponnusamy - Former Vice-chancellor, Madras University and Madurai Kamaraj University.

          C. Ramasamy - Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.

          Polanaickenpalayam N. Silambannan - Former Registrar - Bharathiar University, Former Principal - Gobi Arts & Science College, Gobichettipalayam.

          K. R. Palaniswamy - Former president of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology.
          Awarded the Padma Shri for 2006. He was awarded the FRCP Glasgow. He was instrumental in founding the department of Gastroenterology at
          Stanley Medical College, Chennai.

          K R V 'Raja' Subramanian - co-founded AnswerPal(Ascendum Systems). Served as Professor of Computer Science and Dean of Distance Learning at
          BITS, Pilani.

          K. S. Janakarathnam - Former President, Gobi Arts & Science College, Gobichettipalayam during 1973-89.
        • Film industry(few more to be added to the list)

          • A.P. Nagarajan - Tamil cinema film director ,Actor and Director. Directed famous Tamil epic movies(pathi padakal)
          • Sivakumar - Tamil cinema artist
          • K. B. Sundarambal - Tamil cinema artist
          • Sathyaraj - Tamil cinema actor
          • Surya Sivakumar - Tamil cinema actor
          • Karthi Sivakumar - award winning actor in Tamil cinema
          • Ponvannan - Tamil cinema actor
          • Nandha Durairaj, cinema actor
          • Sibiraj, Film actor
          • Ranjith - Prominent Kollywood actor
          • Kaliyappa Gounder - Prominent Film Producer
          • Kovai Chezian - Prominent Film Producer
          • Ganavel Raja - Film Producer (e.g. Paruthiveeran, jillunu oru kadhal)
          • Satyan - comidian
          • A. P. Nagarajan - Actor and Director. 
            Directed famous Tamil epic movies Thiruvilayadal, Thiruvarutchelvar, Thillanamohanambal. Most famous for his “punch” dialogue –
            “Nettrikun thirapinum kuttram kuttramey” in the movie Thiruvilayadal.

            Kaliyappa Gounder - Famous producer. Produced blockbusters like Sorgavasal.

            Sathyaraj - Prominent Kollywood actor.

            Sivakumar - Prominent Kollywood actor.

            Surya Sivakumar - Sivakumar's son and prominent Kollywood actor.

            Sibiraj - sathyaraj's son and upcoming Kollywood actor.

            Karthik Sivakumar - Sivakumar's second son and upcoming Kollywood actor.

            Vijayakrishnaraj - Movie Director, Movie and TV Actor.

            Ponvannan - Movie Actor & Movie Director.

            Sathyan - Movie Comedy Actor.

            Nantha - Movie Actor.

            Ranjith - Movie Actor.
          • Sports(many to be added to the list)